Free Open days / August 20th-24th / Body&Mind Studio at Key West Beach

Free Open days / August 20th-24th / Body&Mind Studio at Key West Beach

Stott Pilates®️ & Progressive® training on powerful Reformer

2 instructors & maximum 4 people per 1 hour Body&Mind experience!


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Stott Pilates®️

The most appreciated method of the modern Pilates. One of the safest and effective methods available.

This kind of training will help you build the body of the slim muscle tones, considerable strength and mobility and above all, the healthy spirit.

Meeting the specific needs of a client, Stott Pilates®️ offers a series of adjusted programs with different levels of intensity.

The results are the enhancement of the entire tone, the neutral positioning of the body, the more correct and efficient mobility, emotional stability as well as more tranquil and focused mind.

Discover Five Basic Principles of Stott Pilates® with us, the key to performing the exercises safely and effectively.



Feel the Beauty of movement!

An original method of the Body & Mind Studio; creative and very entertaining program for your health & strength.

Progressive®️ is a new technology of training based on the latest scientific research on functionality of the human body. “The beauty of movement” is in the focus of this method which implies the efficient distribution of energy, moving without pain, the connectedness of mind and body, a good balance between strength and flexibility and, the most important, the enjoyment in movement.

This is a complete mind and body training which enhances the focus, reduces the stress, teaches the correct breathing and balances our mind and body.


About Body&Mind Studio

Our intelligently designed and guided programs will help you increase the level of motoric literacy, enhance the quality of motion and breathing, raise your physical capacities to a higher level, increase the level of awareness and energy and strengthen your spirit.

The Body & Mind is a studio for intelligent people and intelligent movements, a place of intelligent training, good energy and a positive attitude. You are becoming more satisfied, healthier and merrier with us, and being such, you are becoming the best possible ideal and inspiration to your surroundings. That’s why we are encouraging you to unite the positive community we are creating and to make your life more satisfactory.